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What is Conveyancing? A Simple Explanation

What is Conveyancing? Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of real estate from one person or entity to another. It is legally required for both buying and selling land. This process means preparing, verifying, executing and lodging the numerous...

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What is a Will? A Simple Explanation

What is a Will? A Will is a legal document which indicates what you would like to happen with your money, belongings and other assets (your estate) when you pass away. Your Will names who you want to give your estate to and who you would like to administer your estate...

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Family Mediation or Family Dispute Resolution is a requirement for parenting matters (except in a limited number of cases) before a parenting matter may be taken to Court. Mediation is not yet a requirement before any other type of matter may be taken to Court...

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Can my de facto partner take my assets?

Can my de facto partner make a claim on my assets? The question is often asked from De facto couples, wondering about the legal time limits that apply to their relationship, in particular regarding claim on assets from before the relationship started and those...

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Is a handshake legally binding?

Verbal agreements can be legally binding and in fact many business and personal transactions are conducted purely on a handshake. But if things go wrong, it can be very difficult to sort the matter out or to even prove the agreement existed.

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