Our conveyancing department is run by experienced conveyancing staff, and overseen by Principal Ronald Lawson.

We provide a professional and reliable conveyancing services while maintaining reasonable fees.

We are always happy to provide clients with advice and we are only a phone call away.

We assist clients with the following areas:
•    Land purchase and sale
•    House purchase and sale
•    Commercial property purchase and sale

Modern Conveyancing is handled basically electronically, with 70% of all conveyancing now carried out online. We believe we are a necessity to anyone who is purchasing or selling properties – we are well versed in the programs used, what both parties needs are and what the contents of any conveyancing agreements should include, along with what paperwork is necessary for you.


Sales start from

$645.00 + GST


Purchases start from

$745.00 + GST

Wills and Estates

Wills and Estate Services start at

$495.00 + GST for Single

or save $170.50 with 

$745.00 + GST for Double

Power of Attourney

Enduring Power of Attourney Services start at

$324.50 for Single

or save $126.50 with 

$522.50 for Double