Power of Attourney

Enduring Power of Attorney Services provide a principal (you) with an Attorney, a person who is able to make decisions for them regarding personal financial and health matters.

An advance health directive allows a principal to make their own decisions about future health care assist health professionals and make them aware of what treatment the principal wants.

All of our services to appoint an Enduring Attorney are overseen by the head of our firm, Ron Lawson, who has been providing these services for over 25 year 

If you do not have a Power of Attorney and you lose mental capacity the process for someone to be appointed becomes a much more complicated process. If QCAT is not contacted to appoint yourself as power of attorney for your loved one then the public trustee will take over the financial and medical affairs of them. Bank Accounts will also become a problem which is much harder to deal with if you have not taken place as your loved ones power of attorney.

Single Power of Attourney

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Double Power of Attourney

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Advance Health Directive

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