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Wills and Estates

A Will is a legal document in which the individual distributes their assets effective at the time of their death. Quite a number of people do not have a Will and if they do, it is quite common for them to be out of date.

It is important that a person’s Will is drafted to meet the individual needs and that it be kept up to date. In some situations, clients may benefit by having a Will with a Testamentary Trust included so as to affect tax savings and/or minimise the prospects of success of any claim made against the beneficiary.

We offer estate planning and administration to our clients. Our business clients may benefit by having advice on hand about asset protection and planning for the future.

We prepare general and enduring powers of attorney which enable clients to give power to others with respect to their financial and health matters.

When did you last review your will?

As your situation changes Wills also need to be reviewed upon entering into relationships, marriage, the breakdown of relationships and divorce.

Protect yourself and those close to you

Preparing an Enduring Power of Attorney ensures you protect yourself, those closest to you, and your property by exercising your right to choose an Attorney whilst you have the capacity to do so.  This legal document enable clients to give power to others with respect to their financial and health matters.

For when you can't make those health decisions

Advance Health Directives are legal documents in which adult persons with capacity can set out their decisions about future treatment. An Advance Health Directive can come into effect if that person is unable to make reasonable judgments about their treatment later on.